Elder Abuse Information Program

Sunday, July 23rd at 4:00 p.m.
Community Congregational Church of Pacific Beach (CCCPB)
Paul R. Greenwood, Deputy District Attorney, Head of Elder Abuse Prosecution Unit, San Diego DA's Office, will speak at the Community Congregational Church of Pacific Beach (CCCPB) on Sunday, July 23rd at 4:00 p.m. He has the privilege of heading up the San Diego District Attorney's Officer elder Abuse Prosecution Unit, a position he has held for the 15+ years. California defines an elder as anyone over the age of 65.He is therefore responsible for prosecuting felony crimes that are committed against victims in that age bracket...physical and mental elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation. There will be social time with refreshments from 3:30-4:00 p.m. on the patio.

75 Years after Executive Order 9066 Experiences of Local Japanese Americans

Sunday, July 23, at 12:30 Presented by Your Partnership for Racial Justice

The attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan was certainly a day that will live in infamy. Over 2000 US soldiers were killed, and 1000 injured. The US fleet was critically damaged, losing 20 navy ships and some 300 airplanes.

Even before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the US government viewed its immigrants from Japan as being potential Japanese spies. Immediately after Pearl Harbor, the US government declared Japanese nationals “enemy aliens” and hundreds were arrested beginning the night of December 7, 1941.

Then, a mere 10 weeks after Pearl Harbor, FDR issued Executive Order 9066. Many of you don’t know what EO 9066 is, much less how it affected 120,000 Japanese Americans and their families during WWII. EO9066, issued on February 19, 1942 by FDR, announced the immediate round up and imprisonment of all people of Japanese descent living on the West Coast of the US. Two-thirds of this group were American citizens, the sons and daughters of the immigrants from Japan.

Most people of Japanese descent living in San Diego at that time were sent first to Santa Anita Racetrack, then on to Poston, Arizona for internment/incarceration. Some of these individuals, who were children or teenagers at the time, still live in San Diego today, and their stories are rich with remembrances, sacrifices, even fun times the kids had while in “camp.”

It is an honor to present a discussion with former Poston internees Yuki Kawamoto and his wife Mits Kawamoto. It will be moderated by Linda Canada, Archivist at the Japanese American Historical Society of San Diego. Yuki and Mits will talk about how life changed when their families were taken first to the Santa Anita Assembly Center, and later to the internment camp at Poston, Arizona. Stories about day to day life in the camps, as well as the attitudes of their families and friends, will help you understand what it was like to be taken away from the life they had known, and to live among more Japanese people than they'd ever seen before! Finally, they will talk about "moving on" after this disruption, and offer their thoughts about whether the US government might ever do this type of mass incarceration again.

Please join us on Sunday, July 23, at 12:30, for this eye-opening and important discussion. Learn how understanding what happened 75 years ago can help prevent it from occurring again. As the brave internees have said over and over, “never again…”

Workshop on Creative Spirituality

Matthew Fox Internationally acclaimed spiritual theologian Activist, Episcopal priest Author of Original Blessing and One River, Many Wells
Sunday, July 23
Preaching at 9:30 & 11:00
Workshop on Creative Spirituality 1:00-4:00 pm
Irvine United Congregational Church
4915 Alton Parkway, Irvine CA 92604
949-733-0220 www.iucc.org


The Board of Directors of the United Church of Christ Disabilities Ministries (UCCDM) is accepting submissions of written daily devotionals in our campaign to raise awareness and educate through stories by people living with disabilities and those who care for and about them. The devotionals are to be stories, preferably taken from life experiences, meant to illuminate as well as inspire through a Bible scripture that relates in some way. Lay people and clergy are welcome to participate. Writers may submit as many stories as they like. Please note that not all submissions will be used. Content will be reviewed and determined appropriate for print and sharing by the UCCDM Board of Directors. In making a submission you are granting UCCDM permission to publish your devotional as well as share it with our United Church of Christ partners.


(Adapted from the UCC Still Speaking Writer’s Group Daily Devotionals Guidelines)

Use the devotional to illuminate how your experience with disability informs your personal theology or spiritual experience. These devotionals are meant to be an evangelism tool that helps foster greater understanding of and compassion for people living with disability, so it is important that we write them in a welcoming and supportive tone. Although not all readers may be members of the United Church of Christ, the devotionals may also serve to highlight the importance of wide-ranging inclusion in churches of the UCC.

The Title. Your title is your first opportunity to capture the reader’s attention. Titles should be chosen for relatability and potential to keep the reader reading.

Do not assume the reader has access to an open Bible while reading. The short Bible excerpt may be all the scripture the reader has to go by. Keep it simple.

Have a sharp focus. Be concise but thorough in telling the story. Concentrate on one theme.

Write for understanding by lay people, and include clergy. And not the other way around. Your work may be read by people with varying reading and comprehension levels so please do not use words or acronyms that you need a seminary degree to understand. You do not want to frustrate and ultimately lose a reader.

Devotionals are not propaganda. Do not promote programs or agendas. People turn to devotional pieces to be inspired, possibly provoked into thought or action, and ultimately drawn closer to God.

Be timely. If your story refers to a specific date or season be sure to submit it in plenty of time to be edited.

Please proofread your own work. Before submitting your work, please proofread for clarity and typos. We are all volunteers wanting to offer the highest quality product we can to our readers.


The United Church Christ and Disabilities Ministries are committed to the usage of inclusive language with respect to God and people. For more information please refer to http://www.ucc.org/worship/inclusive-language/

Length: No more than 500 words, INCLUDING date, title, your name, scripture, story, prayer.
Title: Must have one.
Format tips: (please put everything in the order stated above)
  • Minimum of 12 point type for everything.
  • Use italics for emphasis and book titles.
  • Use quotation marks around scripture.
  • Scripture citation goes after the verse.
Submissions should be sent to submissions@uccdm.org.

Job Openings at Pioneer Ocean View

Our church is currently searching for a Shared Youth Director. Job description is available at Pioneer Ocean View's website

Wanted: Your Pilgrim Pines Story

Do you have wonderful memories of Summer Camp? Funny stories of your adventures there? Did you discover new depths of faith? Set new goals? Make special friends? Share a never to be forgotten moment? Learn something new and exciting?

Whatever your highlight moment or moments, Connecting Voices, the e-magazine of the Southern California Nevada Conference (SCNC) of the UCC, wants to hear your story! We’re planning a series of articles and mini-articles the share the story of our beloved Pilgrim Pines. Articles may be a paragraph or two or as long as you need to tell the tale and share the wonder.

Send to: Mary Domb Mikkelson, Senior Editor, Connecting Voices, publicity@ucclm.sdcoxmail.com or 4558 Aragon Drive, San Diego, CA 92115.

Questions? Please call 619-265-2698. Photos (ones taken at camp would be great) also wanted (all identifiable people shown must be willing to sign releases for use of the photos). Hoping to hear from you soon!

Does your church have an event, or concern that you would like the rest of the Association to know about? Please submit as a WORD file. Email southernassociation@sascncucc.com