Continuing Education Resolution

LET IT BE RESOLVED that the Southern Association of the United Church of Christ, Southern California Nevada Conference shall adopt a graduated approach to reaching a goal of 15 CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) per year by 2019 as the standard of continuing education for all UCC Authorized Ministers (except retired Omega ministers) to maintain standing in the Southern Association, effective March 12, 2017. This graduated approach will include five (5) hours of CEU’s for 2017, ten (10) hours for 2018, and fifteen (15) hours of CEU’s for 2019.

CEU Implementation Information

Any workshop, training or conference that can be applied to the performance of ministry can equate to 1 hour of CEU per contact hour.

Workshops and assemblies sponsored by other accredited and recognized Christian and or inner faith tradition will be credited as per the practices of this association.

The following are exceptions to the one credit per contact hour:
• Association meetings: at a rate of 1.5 hours of CEU credit per meeting
• Annual Gathering: At a rate of 2.5 CEUS per day. In other words, attendance at a full Annual Gathering will be equivalent to 5 hours of CEU credit.
• Boundary Training: At a rate of 1 hour per workshop beyond required Sexual Ethics, Parts A & B.
• General Synod: At a rate of 8 hours of CEU credit for the event.
• Clergy Community of Practice facilitated meetings (as administered by the SCNC or the UCC): 1 hour per meeting.
• Personal professional development (reading ministry-related books, podcasts, online seminars may be credited to a maximum of 20% of your total CEUs. Each reading will be equal to .1 of an hour and titles must be provided for documentation.

It is the responsibility of each individual to provide documentation for each CEU credit to the Association Office.

CEU Verification Form - PDF download

CEU Verification

CEU Opportunities

When CEU workshops or other opportunities are made known to the Association Office they will be posted here. If your church will be providing an opportunity, please notify the Association to be listed.