To our brothers and sisters in the Southern Association SCNCUCC

From Faletusi Liulamaga, Moderator email
Pastor Leitu Teofilo email:
Church address: 201 Stallion Drive, Oceanside, CA 92057-3810

1.            The First Samoan Congregational Christian Church of San Luis Rey was incorporated in 1975, and the land for the building was purchased in 1977.  The church was built in late 1981 and dedicated in early 1982.  All of property and facility was paid off in 1989.

2.            Programs:

           Currently, Rev. Noa's main focus along with the lay ministers
and the Youth Fellowship Staff is to add more activities for our youth such as: field trips and monthly award/birthday celebrations   Rev. Noa and the Sunday School staff also hold a brief Bible Study session on Sundays following Sunday School.

3.            Future Plans:

           We are planning to renovate our facility and to build a new chapel.  As you know,  our facility is about 30 years old now and is due for renovation from wear and   tear after all these years.  A chapel has been in the plans from the beginning --but as you're aware we are a small church, it has been a challenge for us financially to accomplish this mission.  We ask that if you have any information on how to set up a Capital Campaign to get started on fund raising, to please let us know.

4.            Learning Experience:

           Having the youth involved in church issues is a very good.  We encourage the youth to be our shadow in church affairs. This learning method/tool helps them to be aware and to be exposed to the workings of their church.  It allows for a smooth transition when they will be the ones making it happen at their church in the future.